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Ever needed to restore critical data to your infrastructure only to find out that tapes are blank? Has a virus ever crept into your network causing damage even though you have an antivirus program? These are just some of the everyday issues that companies are faced with.
When reacting to your issues as they occur, it dramatically increases stress within your organization and reduces company productivity often producing costly downtime. Our Professional Consulting Services consists of certified, experienced technicians who can help develop a proactive plan for unforeseen problems of your infrastructure and assist in managing your IT environment so you can focus on your business needs.
Our Preventative Maintenance contracts are very comprehensive covering all the areas you would expect.
· Security
· Antivirus
· Critical Data Backup
· Hardware / Software repairs
· Email management
· 4 hour response on-site support
· 24/7 on-site support
Our team is well experienced and certified by most manufacturers of Hardware and Software. Their certifications are a compliment to their years of experience.


For more information give our Technical Support Team a call at:
Toll free: (800)-331-5581 or (705) 472-8087
Fax: (705) 472-6709




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