Our History

CTS is an independent technology services company that was founded by Maria and Carlos Carvalho in 1984. We are in the Information technology (IT) business aiming at the mid to large private and public sector customers; our growth and evolution have pretty much tracked changes in the IT industry over time. We started predominantly delivering vertical market solutions to the Real Estate Industry, moved to a more horizontal small to mid size business market at the end of the 1980s, and then onto the mid to large private and public sector clients delivering client-server solutions in the early 1990s. Today our focus has shifted to more fully integrated IT solutions that incorporate customized solutions with the focus on the areas of network infrastructure, procurement of computer hardware and software, full implementation and testing, training and continue support of the IT solution. We also offer project management services that help each customer manage its IT infrastructure. Our group of companies (sales, engineering, training and project management) have grown from two original founders and two support staff to 120+ employees, with offices in North Bay, Barrie and Sudbury and strategic professional association with other IT engineering firms to cover a vast area of Ontario and parts of Quebec.

Assessment of management:
We are very proud of all of our employees; this is our core asset. Hardware and money are very homogeneous products; often we may not be able to access them as cheaply as others. Therefore, the value our people add can deliver what will differentiate us. We are very fortunate to have a solid, responsible core team of professionals who are always thinking of the customer and who treat the business as if it was their own.


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