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Our goal at CTS is to provide you with complete network solutions customized to reflect the unique needs of each customer. Our multi-step approach ensures the best solutions for your IT infrastructure requirements while managing costs. 

Consultation and Assessment

When organizations are considering a change in IT infrastructure, the right solution is critical. CTS’ Network Specialists develop a complete understanding of an organizations objective from both a business and IT perspective. CTS designs solutions unique to your organization’s needs while rationalizing technology costs and performance, risk management considerations and policies, and staffing and support. Our specialists remain focused on the ultimate goal: improving your systems operations while keeping costs down. 


CTS' network design service covers the networking bases, providing one-stop shopping for a total network design solution that's tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Whether you are building a new network or upgrading an existing one, CTS delivers cost-effective, best-in-class network designs that are optimized for your total information system - both infrastructure and applications.

Experience that works to your benefit
Leveraging years of networking experience, we offer:

  1. Network consulting, design and operations management capabilities

  2. Certified networking engineers with proven multi-vendor network hardware and software experience

  3. Strong alliances with industry-leading partners such as IBM, HP, 3com, and Cisco to provide state-of-the-art network designs


Customers, employees, partners, and suppliers; today everyone in every facet of your business operations replies on your networks. Keeping pace with these rapidly growing usage demands requires the fast, cost-effective implementation of new and upgraded network solutions.

Based on network design documentation, CTS network implementation service supports all facets of your network implementation, including:
  1. Network software and hardware for all network infrastructure nodes, such as hubs, bridges, routers, gateways and modems
  2. Network management systems
  3. Support for every phase of your implementation
  4. Our network implementation service tailors readily to meet your unique networking environment and business needs. 


Computer technology is constantly changing.  How does this affect your organization?  As business software grows and adapts to the real-time needs of companies around the world, sometimes the staff gets left behind.  Your computer network has to be able to grow with your IT requirements, and your employees have to be able to adapt to the changes; sometimes you need help. 

CTS' offers standard and custom designed corporate training courses to meet your current employment and operational requirements.  With training available at our North Bay, Barrie, and Sudbury locations or at your worksite through our Mobile Lab, our certified professional instructors can accommodate all your training needs.

Maintenance, Monitoring, and Reporting

We at CTS not only install networks, but also maintain them as well, to guarantee maximum uptime and performance. We also provide different service levels to meet your budget and network maintenance needs. Our network maintenance services range from On-Call Support to Remote Monitoring.

Backed by years of network monitoring and management experience, we have the know-how to provide you with complete network management solutions, customized specifically to meet your requirements.

As your networks grow in size and complexity, so do the requirements for effective management. CTS helps you grow your network by building in flexibility for the future and help you maintain full control of it for maximum productivity and minimum downtime.




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