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How We Do It                                                                                                         Managed Workplace consists of two components:

Service Centerô: A 'central console' provides CTS with customized views of customers' IT operations and analytical reporting for problem diagnosis. Service Center includes an integrated set of tools to help manage customer IT operations including help desk, trouble ticketing, asset management, patch reporting, and configuration management.

Onsite Managerô: A proactive 'customer care center' residing at the client site, gathering data on hardware and software applications and network devices, while detecting and repairing problems, then forwarding important analytical data to the Service Center.


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IT networks are very complicated, and canít be perfectly managed by occasional contact. Customers rely on their networks as a critical business backbone, and canít afford any unplanned downtime. 

Our new Customer Care Program maintains a constant 24/7 connection to your network. CTS will know when your network is in trouble before you will, providing a prompt response on all IT issues. 

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day CTS will proactively monitor your network, and keep your critical business infrastructure alive. Consider it network insurance. 

With help from the Managed Workplace Suite, we will constantly monitor your network from the central console at our offices. The Onsite Manager monitors your network, and restarts services as required, keeping your business operational until we find a permanent solution. 

The Onsite Manager assists in the diagnosis phase of IT by sending valuable warning messages back to the experienced technicians at our offices. This information will help our technical staff solve your problems quickly, and reduce the amount of time they spend at your site determining the problem. This all equals cost savings and quicker resolution for you. 

Our Customer Care Program is all about reducing unwanted surprises. This constant service reduces crisis management and delivers you a much more predictable monthly IT cost. 

Decisions about ongoing network maintenance and upgrading your IT infrastructure are always difficult. By providing you with the most advanced monitoring product, we help your business run more efficiently. 

Our monitoring tool, the Onsite Manager, will send critical information back to our control center so we can better analyze your requirements. This gives us the critical information we need to implement effectively only the solutions required to keep your network running smoothly.


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