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We at CTS feel strongly about having excellent Technical Support Engineers that are diversely certified. Our technicians meet the highest current Industry Certification Standards.

Once on staff, our technicians are expected to maintain those standards. Therefore, CTS encourages and supports the on-going training of our technicians.

Our reward is the knowledge that our technicians are on the leading edge of technology.

Industry Standard Certifications include:

Microsoft MCP, MCSE; Novell CNA, CNE; Cisco, CCNA; A+; Compaq; IBM

Vendor Specific Authorizations include:

Compaq, IBM, Acer, Seanix, Hewlett-Packard Laser printers, Lexmark, Brother, Panasonic


For more information give our Technical Support Team a call at:
Toll free: (800)-331-5581 or (705) 472-8087
Fax: (705) 472-6709




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